Installing a concrete slab, house foundation, or executing another project is a complex process requiring attention to detail and skills. Unfortunately, there are a lot of mistakes that can be done along the way. How can you avoid them? Take a look at the information provided by a skilled concrete contractor:

  • Using the improper mixture of aggregate, Portland cement, and water. When you pour concrete, you have to be careful when preparing the required quantity of this strong and heavy building material. If you make it too liquid or too dense, it will result in unstable and weak structure that won’t last long. Cracks will appear soon if you don’t prepare a quality mix.
  • Poor reinforcement. Concrete is a durable, strong, and affordable material allowing long-lasting houses and Cracked Concrete Needs Repairbuildings only if you add the appropriate reinforcement into it. Usually, they are made of glass, metal, or plastic but if they are not strong and stable enough, so you won’t be building slabs or foundation in the first place.
  • Nor properly-set slopes. During the first phase which is the preparation, you have to create a certain slope, so that your deck or patio can get rid of the rainwater swiftly. If you neglect its importance, your structure will retain ponding water and puddles. A concrete repair expert would tell you this will lead to more extensive cracks and other defects. So, do not forget about the slope needed for proper drainage.
  • Not enough curing time. Once the concrete on your project is poured, smoothed, and finished, it requires 28 days to cure. But of course, the first 48 hours are critical and you should restrict traffic entirely. Failing to do so, you will witness the consequences soon. Your surface will become uneven and rough. It is also a great idea to cover it with nylon or tarp until it is fully cured.

Aico Construction & Restoration has a team of trained concrete repair professionals ready to go the extra mile to satisfy your needs. If you are in Brooklyn, NY and have any questions, you can reach us at (718) 439-6050.


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