Installing a concrete patio, deck, or completing a bigger concrete project may seem like an easy and simple process at first glance. What people usually see is a concrete mixer pouring this gray material into a form. However, laying concrete is a much more than that. In this blog article, we will discuss why this task should be performed only by a proficient concrete contractor:

  • Site preparation. Before the mixture of Portland cement, water, and aggregate is ready for pouring, the construction site requires a certain preparation. The entire area needs to be cleared from any obstacles. Heavy machinery is needed to remove large and heavy stones, tree branches, shrubs, debris, and more. The topsoil has to be removed too so that the sub base is prepared.
  • Forming. After the land is prepared, graded, and leveled, it is time for specialists to place the forms. Usually, they are plastic, wooden, or metal. It is really important for the forms to be strong and stable as if they are not, they won’t provide the necessary slope for proper drainage.
  • Placement. Now, the concrete can be poured into the forms. The contractor you have hired should have mixed all the three ingredients of this construction material in the appropriate proportion to ensure sturdy and long-lasting application.
  • Proper finish. After the material is laid, it has to be smoothed. Using special tools called floats, the workers will distribute the entire quantity creating a smooth and even surface. It is really important for the edges to be smoothed too.
  • Completing. At this final stage, a reliable contractor will design the pattern you wish to make your patio or deck a more interesting and beautiful. Then, a sealant should be applied. It will need 28 days to cure completely.

As you can see, laying concrete is not that simple as it seems. If you need a trustworthy concrete contractor to handle your project, turn to Aico Construction & Restoration. If you are a resident of Brooklyn, NY and want to know more about us, you can call us at (718) 439-6050.


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